Monday, September 13, 2010

But what's Fashion Week without some drama?

One runway show that won't happen is for the Olsens' label The Row. The pint-sized fashionistas were scheduled to show their spring collection tomorrow at Milk Studios in New York, but the twins blamed delayed sample deliveries on why they pulled the plug.

"We have made the decision to postpone our spring-summer 2011 presentation of The Row due to sample delivery," they said in a joint statement.

But a source tells E! News the real story is that the collection was so bad, the twins are in a last minute scramble creating new samples in a weeks time.

They're now planning to unveil the line to buyers and editors in Paris during the city's fashion week, starting on Sept 28.

"They were very upset because they're such perfectionists," said the industry source. "The collection wasn't getting a good response anyway. They're redoing a significant part of their collection now. To postpone you have to be really dissatisfied with the samples, and they were not happy with what they saw. Delaying it buys them another week to come up with something new."

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