Saturday, September 18, 2010

Mary Kate And Ashley Olsen Thinking About Living Together

Fashion designers, actresses, lifelong best friends and entrepreneurs Mary Kate (MK) and Ashley Olsen, who no longer go by The Olsen Twins, appeared on the Ellen show on Friday, 9/17/10.
Looking very fashionable in their own designs (MK is a cream colored top and black skirt and Ashley in a black top with white polka dots and black shirt) the two were also in sync with their long blonde tousled waves.
(Image of Mary Kate and Ashley from clip from Ellen show – All Rights Reserved)
It seems even though they were dressed exactly alike, their hair was very similarly highlighted, low lighted and texturized.  I must say their tresses looked very beachy and gorgeous against their skin and eyes.
Mary Kate And Ashley Dressed Ellen
I have to admit I was surprised to hear that Ellen love’s MK and Ashley’s clothes which she said she “wears all the time on the show.”  Ellen also said “when I was campaigning to be on the cover of Oprah’s magazine, you all got in touch and wanted to dress me for the cover of O, which I was flattered by.”  Obviously Ellen loves the clothes which she said were “so cool” and “so affordable.”
Ashley said “we have (the cover) framed in the office.”  Ellen noted her cover is also framed in her office.  Ashley said “we were so excited, we’re such big fans of you.  It was just really exciting for us to make something for you.”  Ellen said she wore “three different outfits for three different covers and all the clothes she wore” were from MK and Ashley’s collection.
Hanging Out Together All The Time
Ellen said “you two seem to hang out together all the time.  Or you together as much as we think or do we just see photos.  Are you all best friends?”  MK said “yeah” and Ashley chimed in “probably more than everyone thinks.”  MK said “we’re together every day probably from 9 am til 12 at night, sometimes later.”  Ellen asked “but you don’t live together?”  The Olsens said in unison “no”.  Ellen asked “would you want to live together?  Or would that be too much?”
MK said “well we;ve started thinking about it again” and Ashley added “even though it didn’t work out the first time.  But maybe…..”  MK “we thought our furniture would go really well together and our art.”  Ashley “and our clothing and we did matching chairs just in case.”  MK “yeah.”
Ellen said “I know you say you’re somewhat different but you kinda nod at the same time, you’re connected in such a way that you think of the same thing at the same time.”  Ellen asked if they each know, when they’re apart, when the other is in trouble.  Ashley said they do and Mary Kate explained “we’re mirror twins” and have a balancing act where one if good the other may not be good but they support and help each other and keep it balanced.
As she discussed their positive attitudes Ellen complimented them on being “scandal free” which she noted “is pretty rare in this business”.
Scandal Free Lives?  Seriously?
Scandal free?  Well compared to Ms. Lohan they are.  But what about Ashley’s struggles with her eating disorder and other romantic entanglements and wild partying they have been spotted doing in New York?   I’m not sure what Ellen was talking about but definitely they are less scandal ridden than some of their peers.  Certainly Ashley has been less scandal ridden then MK.
Fashion Inspirations
It was interesting to hear that MK and Ashley derived their natural sense of style from their mother who they said taught them about the big sunglasses, layering and use ofscarves.  I also was not aware that when they were younger they would take adult clothes and cut them down to fit them in their teen and pre-teen years.  No wonder they were dabbling in fashion at such a young age.
Leave it to Ellen to have guests on her show that you think you know about and then find out lots of new insider info.  Which is probably one of the reasons I’m still watching Ellen every day and haven’t missed a single show since the very beginning.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

SO FUNNY! Ellen Gives Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen ‘Fashionable’ Oversized Sunglasses And Purses!

Check out this sneak peek from Ellen’s show tomorrow…the Olsen twins get interviewed by her for the first time!

For the first time ever, Ellen DeGeneres is interviewing Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen on her talk show Sept. 17 — and true to all things “Ellen,” the segment looks hysterical! Check out this sneak peek photo where the host pokes fun at what have become the 24-year-old twins’ fashion staples…oversized handbags and sunglasses! LOL!
Be sure to tune in to The Ellen DeGeneres Show Friday, Sept. 17 — America’s Got Talentwinner, Michael Grimm, will almost make an appearance!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen skip New York for Paris

Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted exiting her New York City apartment in a stylish black coat and large sunglasses. She and her sis, Ashley, have a lot to be proud of right now -- they just had a super successful pop-up shop at Fashion's Night Out for one of their clothing lines, Elizabeth and James.

MK & A were also set to do a New York Fashion Week runway show for The Row, their more high-end line, but they are rescheduling it for Paris. Sounds like a perfect place for the Olsen twins to highlight their couture threads.

Ashley Olsen - Olsens Splash Cash On Anti-Ageing Facials

Child-stars and designers, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen usually have $500 facial treatments to keep their skin from getting wrinkles and look flawless!  According to, beautician Aida Bicaj reported that the twins go to New York City every other week to get facial peels to reduce wrinkles and keep their pores clean.  The large price tag treatments include a "Jacques Picking Treatment" which keeps skingskin looking perfect, firm and enhances face muscles.  This s a great way to look younger and beautiful.

Monday, September 13, 2010

marktbeauty photoshoot ( Ashley ) 2

10 Questions with Ashley Olsen

Beauty Girl: What beauty trick did you learn from your mom?
Ashley Olsen: Always use eye cream.
Beauty Girl: What drugstore product do you swear by?
Ashley Olsen: Aquaphor.
Beauty Girl: What products would we find in your teensiest red carpet clutch?
Ashley Olsen: Cle de Peau Beaute concealer.
Beauty Girl: What products do you never travel without?
Ashley Olsen: Bio-Chic hair products and Belmont face products.
Beauty Girl: What’s your biggest beauty splurge?
Ashley Olsen: Hair color and facials.
Beauty Girl: Who is your beauty icon from the past?
Ashley Olsen: Brigitte Bardot.
Beauty Girl: Who is your current beauty icon?
Ashley Olsen: Lauren Hutton.
Beauty Girl: Which of your red carpet beauty looks was your favorite?
Ashley Olsen: The 2009 Met Ball in New York City.
Beauty Girl: If you could trade hair with anyone, who would it be?
Ashley Olsen: Penelope Cruz.
Beauty Girl: The one beauty trend you’ll never embrace and the one beauty trend you’d like to bring back?
Ashley Olsen: Hmm…never say never.

But what's Fashion Week without some drama?

One runway show that won't happen is for the Olsens' label The Row. The pint-sized fashionistas were scheduled to show their spring collection tomorrow at Milk Studios in New York, but the twins blamed delayed sample deliveries on why they pulled the plug.

"We have made the decision to postpone our spring-summer 2011 presentation of The Row due to sample delivery," they said in a joint statement.

But a source tells E! News the real story is that the collection was so bad, the twins are in a last minute scramble creating new samples in a weeks time.

They're now planning to unveil the line to buyers and editors in Paris during the city's fashion week, starting on Sept 28.

"They were very upset because they're such perfectionists," said the industry source. "The collection wasn't getting a good response anyway. They're redoing a significant part of their collection now. To postpone you have to be really dissatisfied with the samples, and they were not happy with what they saw. Delaying it buys them another week to come up with something new."

Barneys New York 2

Mary-Kate say"hunter!!". No joke! It is true.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ashley and I opposites (That why. Mary-Kate's grief was before)

MARY-Kate Olsen is no longer suffering an identity crisis!
The actress-turned fashionista says that after 24 years, people are finally beginning to tell her and twin sisterAshley apart — because  age has brought some striking differences between her and her equally famous sibling.
“For a start, Ashley can walk in heels and I can’t,” says Mary Kate. “She’s really gracefull while I’m such a klutz.
“I think generally now people see us as individuals whereas years ago people couldn’t see the difference. But it’s weird because we’ve always been two different people.”
Mary-Kate recently revealed she felt like “a performing monkey” while growing up.
“When I felt I was responsible for other people’s pay checks was definitely a moment when I was like, ‘How the f*** am I supposed to handle this?” she said.
“It really hit me that I had a lot of responsibilities other than myself, because I should be concerned first and foremost about myself. I have learned that that’s what it’s about.”

Barneys New York

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ashley Olsen The Girl

Gaining fame before your first birthday could mess with a person’s head. Unless, of course, you’re Ashley Olsen, and you were born with an insatiable desire to work—and to succeed, at that. At the age of twenty-four, she’s starred in countless TV shows, a handful of movies, recorded an album, interned for Zac Posen, written a book, inspired fashion movements, edited a magazine and launched three distinct, uber-successful fashion lines. So it’s fitting, then, that her proudest accomplishment has nothing to do with fame. Instead, it’s decidedly business-oriented. “Our most important accomplishment was gaining control of our company and taking our future into our own hands,” she told us this fall. You might also think that this young mogul, who’s been named to Forbes’s Celebrity 100 list multiple times, spends her free time swilling champagne in exclusive clubs, jetting to exotic locales and generally embracing The Good Life. Not so. “My idea of relaxing is staying home and spending time with my friends, my dog and doing yoga whenever I can,” she said. Perhaps it’s this innate business savvy mixed with her chilled-out, low key outlook that’s responsible for her success. When asked about her long-term career goals, Olsen didn’t wax poetic about expanding her empire. Instead, she responded humbly and without missing a beat: “Making it through fashion week.” Point taken.