Monday, September 13, 2010

10 Questions with Ashley Olsen

Beauty Girl: What beauty trick did you learn from your mom?
Ashley Olsen: Always use eye cream.
Beauty Girl: What drugstore product do you swear by?
Ashley Olsen: Aquaphor.
Beauty Girl: What products would we find in your teensiest red carpet clutch?
Ashley Olsen: Cle de Peau Beaute concealer.
Beauty Girl: What products do you never travel without?
Ashley Olsen: Bio-Chic hair products and Belmont face products.
Beauty Girl: What’s your biggest beauty splurge?
Ashley Olsen: Hair color and facials.
Beauty Girl: Who is your beauty icon from the past?
Ashley Olsen: Brigitte Bardot.
Beauty Girl: Who is your current beauty icon?
Ashley Olsen: Lauren Hutton.
Beauty Girl: Which of your red carpet beauty looks was your favorite?
Ashley Olsen: The 2009 Met Ball in New York City.
Beauty Girl: If you could trade hair with anyone, who would it be?
Ashley Olsen: Penelope Cruz.
Beauty Girl: The one beauty trend you’ll never embrace and the one beauty trend you’d like to bring back?
Ashley Olsen: Hmm…never say never.

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