Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ashley and I opposites (That why. Mary-Kate's grief was before)

MARY-Kate Olsen is no longer suffering an identity crisis!
The actress-turned fashionista says that after 24 years, people are finally beginning to tell her and twin sisterAshley apart — because  age has brought some striking differences between her and her equally famous sibling.
“For a start, Ashley can walk in heels and I can’t,” says Mary Kate. “She’s really gracefull while I’m such a klutz.
“I think generally now people see us as individuals whereas years ago people couldn’t see the difference. But it’s weird because we’ve always been two different people.”
Mary-Kate recently revealed she felt like “a performing monkey” while growing up.
“When I felt I was responsible for other people’s pay checks was definitely a moment when I was like, ‘How the f*** am I supposed to handle this?” she said.
“It really hit me that I had a lot of responsibilities other than myself, because I should be concerned first and foremost about myself. I have learned that that’s what it’s about.”

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