Saturday, October 23, 2010

On Message

When the designers Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen found that their New York show for The Row label could not go on because of late delivery of Italian fabrics, they came up with a cool solution: a strategic partnership with that would enable them to show their clothes to selected press and buyers in Paris — and via Internet to the wider world.
Their virtual show, including a passage in which the designers explained their work, is a way to project the details that are so often lost on the runway.
“Everything is very much done by hand,” said Ashley Olsen, showing the delicate, covered buttons, the narrow vents and the subtle, low-slung top to a slim skirt. Although online viewers will miss the textures of satin-backed crepe and silk georgette, the close-up format gets across the message of delicacy and intimacy that is the design duo’s aim.

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